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Ragnarok hosts files using several different protocols.

  • http access is what you are using to view this page.
  • ftp access can be used from your browser and is the preferred way to link to files from the wiki.
  • CIFS/SMB is the Microsoft Windows file sharing protocol, which is widely supported.

Files are divided into Personnel-only, Student and Group files. A public ftp directory also exists mainly for files linked to the wiki. All three protocols direct to the same files (of a user) and will require authentication (with the slight exception of the public ftp). The use of each protocol is briefly described in the sections below. The username personnel will be used in all examples.

Ask Carl about obtaining write-access (so that you can upload or change files).


The http protocol is mainly used to communicate with websites using browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. The following http access methods are possible on Ragnarok;

  • http://ragnarok : this takes you to the main page of the wiki (http://ragnarok/wiki).
  • http://ragnarok/personnel : this takes you to the shared files of a user (just replace personnel with your given username). Access to this directory (and all files in this folder) will require authentication. Files can be linked to the wiki from this directory (and subdirectories) but will require authentication when accessed.


The ftp protocol is the prefered method for linking files to the wiki. Public ftp should be used for open access files and the local ftp for private files. Files can be uploaded on the server using ftp clients such as FileZilla, gFTP, Cyberduck (Mac) or Nautilus. The general access structure is;

  • ftp://ragnarok/ : this takes you to the public ftp when using browsers. When using a ftp client you will be prompted to log in, this is equivalent to anonymous login with no password.
  • ftp://personnel@ragnarok/ : this prompts for authentication and takes you to the files of the user. You will also be taken to this directory when you login as a user using an ftp client.

Public FTP

The public ftp is mainly used for file uploads to link to the wiki. Anonymous users can upload files but not delete them. Therefore make sure that the file is being uploaded to the correct location and that it is the final version of that file.

Local FTP

As discussed above, access to the local (private) ftp of a user requires authentication. Note that when linking private files to the wiki the following form should be used;


As with all private files, authentication will be required.

Mac users

When using Finder, for the ftp-shares on Ragnarok, shares are mounted as read-only (for both user and anonymous login). This seems to be an issue with Finder itself. Users are therefore advised to use another ftp client, like Cyberduck (locally available here).

A download of RCDefaultApp is also available, should the user wish to change the default application used to open ftp sites (i.e. so that Safari uses Cyberduck instead of Finder).


The shared files of a user/group can be accessed using a file manager such as Windows Explorer or Nautilus. Windows users may want to Map network drives for the server. If you are not personnel, you can simply browse the files available to all users by clicking Start, selecting Run and typing \\ragnarok.