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This is a copy-and-paste starting point (work in progress) of the file available on the P: drive (see Map network drives)

Starting points

The best starting points for UP-related information are:

An important source of information is the internal telephone and e-mail guide. If a copy is not available get one at the switchboard (dial 9) or on the internet at An online telephone list is also available at the following address: Portal Telephone Directory (see also Internet access)

When phoning internally from another campus than the Main Campus, the Main Campus internal numbers (four digit code) have to be preceded by the code 81. While phoning an internal number form the Main Campus, the 81-code is not necessary. and internal numbers can be dialed using the 4-digit code. Information regarding the IP telephone system can be found at:

Audiovisual services:

For overhead projector rental, video machines and help with the production of posters/exhibitions, contact Audiovisual Services (2650). A dataprojector is also available in the secretary’s office - prebooking is required.

Broken projectors and projector screens in lecture halls:

  1. Report any problems with lecture halls with Georgia Yallitsis( x3008 or:
  2. Simon Matloha *15195 or 078-141-6769. His office is in the Mineral Sciences Building, Room 206
  3. Audiovisual services x 3128 or x2244 and if you are really #@!!&^&%$,
  4. Director: 2564.

Building numbers

Every building on campus has a unique name and number. Those of importance to you, are the Engineering Tower Block (also known as ETB) with the official name Engineering I (Building No. 4032), where most of the offices of the lecturing staff are. The basement of Eng I has lecturing halls. The building that contains our laboratories and more lecturing halls, was known as the J.G. Strijdom Building (JGS), presently known as Engineering II (Building number 4033). Water Utilisation Engineering & Environmental Engineering is on the South Campus, Building 2 (Building number 4370). The Carbon Chair is partially in Building 2 on the South campus, and partially in Buillding 3 on the South campus. The SAPPI Biotechnology Lab is in Building 7 on the South Campus. Refer to this map of campus for a better idea of where things are.

Computer equipment

It is the policy of the Faculty that every full time member of teaching staff will have a PC at his/her disposal and that it will be provided with the necessary operating system (Windows) and Microsoft Office. Currently the computers are replaced on a 3 year cycle for lecturing staff and 4 years for support staff. Software is budgeted for on an annual basis.

Unless you buy your own printer, your PC will be linked to one of the shared printers in the department (this really works quite well on condition that there is paper in the printer – the printer is in Razia Vizasie’s office). (A request: Please try as far as possible to print on both sides of the paper - this saves a lot of paper).

E-mail and UP Network Link

New staff members must apply for a network link and an E-mail address (at the Computer One-stop Service 3051) (Our local IT Specialist is: Herman Jacobs).

E-mail and UP Network links and access to student computing laboratories for students

The necessary application forms for network links and an E-mail address are available from Mr Manie Botha (NWII; 2-7 2901). Students have free internet access from the Faculty’s computer laboratories in the NWII building after hours. (After 18:00)

Facilities and Services (2244)

Lights in and outside lecture venues, lifts, desks, chairs, writing boards and screens, access to lecture venues for disabled students. Also requests for alterations to buildings, laboratories, maintenace, etc.


Mariette Engelbrecht (Admin building, x4642,, is the official in charge of finance for Engineering. Any questions about finances, cost centres, approval etc. can be discussed with her. (NB: not salaries, this is handled by the Department of Human Resources).

Nadine AhDong (Level 7, 7-21, x46716, is Mariette's right hand woman.

Foreign currency

If you plan on going overseas you will need foreign currency. Organise this at 2869 (Mr Tinyiko Mashaba). To get money allocated for this purpose, you must generate it in some way or another, for example the Dean’s Conference Fund, Innovation Fund and moneys generated via short courses, the profit of which is allocated to your Development fund Cost Centre, etc.


Unfortunately we are not allowed to have our own office furniture made. However, standard items like bookcases, filing cabinets, desks etc are aviailable at 2150 (central store). The correct request forms are available at the secretary. Gerrie will help in this regard.

Graphics services

Available at 3932

Human Resources (HR): See Personnel matters

Internet access

A separate application is required for a link to the Internet. Application forms are available from Zenobia Botha ( 2712). The UP web page ( ) is also a useful source of information.

For Staff Members, the UP Intranet is a very important further source of information. Staff members access this by going to the UP web page and clicking on "MyTUKS Login"

IT services Computer one-stop service

Any problems of an IT nature (e-Mail, Telephone, Internet access) can be reported at the one-stop service. They are accessible by telephone 3051 or by E-mail:


All personnel must submit their application for leave via the online system: ( accessed via the UP portal ) before going on leave. Leave applications are approved by the Head of Department. Any queries regarding leave can be followed up on the on-line system. Lecturing staff should plan their leave to take place during the recess periods. (See your own conditions of employment in this regard).

Library: (a.k.a Academic Information Service, AIS)

All the services of the Merensky Library are available to you. You must show your personnel card when required. Every member of staff is allowed to take 20 books at a time from the library for a period for three months. Our librarian is currently Sunette Steynberg ( 4790 ).

Medical Scheme

You are currently a member of the BestMed medical scheme. More information is available from the UP personnel society or from Human Resources, Eng. I, Level 6. (Martie Coetzer, 4270 R. 6-26)

Parking discs

Members of staff get free parking on main campus, but a parking disc must be obtained from the Division of Risk Management, at the Client Services Centre ( 2389). Shaded parking is available at a price, but due to limited availability your application will be placed on a waiting list. Information is available at the telephone number mentioned above.

Personnel matters (Human Resources)

Mr Johan Coetzee ( 2704, Eng. 1 R. 6-24) is the Human Resources Manager. Contact him about all matters pertaining to salaries, service conditions, appointments, etc. Other people in this Department are: Natesha Ramdunee: X2100 Martie Coetzer: X4270


Documents (for example tests) can be handed in for copying between level 7 and 8 (north side) and collected later. Ina will supply a PIN CODE required for this. Note that the photocopying machines can also be used a scanners. Arrange with Georgia Yallitsis ( 3008) or Suzaan Pretorius ( 5318)

If a large number of copies must be made it should preferably be sent to the printers. This would typically be the case for study guides. Requests for print work must be handed in to the printer, outside and on the northern side of the Admin building, typically 7 to 10 days before the work is required.

Photographic services

Available at 2651.

Purchases, orders and claims

The purchase of apparatus/equipment is currently done with a main frame based ordering system. Our secretary, Mrs Ina Bornman, Eng I, 8-20 ( 3769) handles orders on the main campus and Mrs Elmarie Otto ( 3824) takes care of it on the South Campus (Water Utilisation & Environmental Engineering and Suzette Seymore ( 2588) does it for IAM & C-Chair.

The university’s financial system is based on cost centres, i.e. for every purchase there must be a relevant cost centre against which the order is placed. Discuss with the Head of Department or your focus group leader.

Before placing an order get all the necessary information, for example description, price, delivery time and complete address and telephone number of the supplier (preferably by way of a written quotation). The Departmental Fax machine, in Ina's office, can be used (Fax no: 012 420 5048 in Eng I, 8-20). The order is processed and an official UP order is generated, which can then be faxed to the supplier.

Claims are handled in the following manner: Any purchase out of your own pocket for goods that were used/necessary for official purposes, can be submitted by filling in a General Claim form and submitting this with the relevant supporting documents. Please note that a credit card slip is not acceptable.

Claims for hours to be paid out to, for example, student assistants, etc. have to be submitted to the HR Department. The 'Claim form for Services rendered" has to be completed & accompanied by a log sheet stating the exact hours worked by the claimant, ie day, time started, time ended, no. of hours. Claims are made against a cost centre for, e.g. a research project.

Purchasing procedure, Internal orders and requests for manufacturing of items (including glass blowing requests)

  1. Obtain all the necessary information regarding an item to be purchased, ie complete description, price, delivery time as well as the full address and telephone number of the supplying company (normally by means of a written quotation).
  2. The full particulars regarding the order are then supplied to Mrs Ina Bornman/ Mrs Elmarie Otto/Mrs Suzette Seymore to generate the necessary official order.
  3. If the supplier is not on the list of official debtors of UP, a debtor has to be created by the Finance Department before an order can be generated. Please note that this involves documentation to be submitted  by the supplier. (Mrs Bornman has the necessary documents to be provided to the new debtor). Note: This activity takes time, please take this into account when urgent orders need to be generated.  
  4. It is imperative that the necessary cost centre against which the order should be placed, should also be provided, otherwise no official order can be generated..
  5. Please note that the delivery address to be used on the order should be clear. (Note : Do NOT use the default address, ie the UP Central receiving Depot, rather use the office number of the Laboratory Instructor (Gerrie Claassen's Office, Engineering 2 2-62 on the Main Campus and Alette Devega's Office 1-14, Building 2, South Campus or the IAM address Room 1-45 Chemistry Bldg)) or alternatively your own office number.
  6. Only in exceptional cases, and when small costs are involved (typically less than R1000), can a staff member purchase items and claim the money back, by submitting the necessary claim form,  receipts and a complete description of goods purchased.  ('Goods' or 'Diverse' will unfortunately not go through).

NB: On receipt of goods, the recipient will sign the relevant delivery documents, which will normally include an invoice (containing the UP order number) for the delivery. This documentation has to be submitted  to Mrs Bornman as soon as possible, who will then do the necessary to have the invoice paid.

Please note that no payment is made until the equipment had been delivered, receipt had been acknowleded by a Proof of Goods Received,  and the invoice submitted for payment.

Internal orders

To obtain items (chemicals, fittings, etc) from the Chemical Store or the stores of the Technical Services Department, or any internal service, the necessary documentation has to be completed by Gerrie Claassen, the laboratory instructor, who authorises such withdrawals.

In the case of expensive items, a cost centre number has to be supplied, against which the request will be placed, whereupon the laboratory instructor will process the request.

Requests for manufacturing of items (including glass blowing requests)

  1. Before any piece of equipment is manufactured, the necessary drawings/sketches have to be made.
  2. Suitable quotations for the manufacturing of such items should be obtained before an official order is generated, following exactly the same procedure as mentioned earlier.
  3. Internal task orders (eg work by the glass blower) have to be channeled through the laboratory instructor and has to be accompanied by the applicable Cost Centre.

Security Services (2310)

This number should be dialled in any emergency event requiring action from the Security staff on campus, but also for venues that have not been opened or problems for which the services of security personnel are needed.

To arrange for access to lecturing venues etc. kindly contact Ida Snyman (3862)

Software (licenced)

Except for the licenced Microsoft software (information on the IT department’s website:, the following products are available in the School of Engineering /Department:

  • MATLAB (Nico Theron (Mechanical engineering) is the custodian at 3309)
  • ASPEN (Mike Heydenrych, Chemical engineering 2199)
  • UniSim (Carl Sandrock, 2197)
  • GAMS (Thoko Majozi)

Staff Society

Feel free to join the UP Personnel Society. The Society representative for the department is Elizbe du Toit ( 3641). The important advantage is attendance of the Spring Day festivities at Uitspan, the annual celebration of the University’s birthday early in February, assistance with the choice of short term insurers, pension/estate/retirement planning etc. (UPB Secretary: 2120)


The very basic stationery (paper, staples, paper clips, CD's/DVD's etc.) is ordered by our secretaries. If you have a specific need, they have a catalogue available. The stationery department can be contacted at 3139.

Store withdrawals

Withdrawals from the Chemistry store or from the store of the Technical Services Department are made with relevant withdrawal slips available from Gerrie Claassen ( 2625). Ina/Elmarie/Suzette handle withdrawals from the Stationery Store.

Student assistants

A limited number of student assistantships exist in the department. These assistantships entail a small hourly remuneration for students for work done in the department. The specific tasks/duties will be discussed with the students who are employed. In cases where postgraduate supervisors have money available for postgraduate students, mutual arrangements between the supervisor and the student are in order. When such agreements are entered into, the student’s responsibility with respect to his/her postgraduate studies/research must be taken into account.

Tea Club

On the Main Campus the departmental tea club meets from 09:20 - 09:30 for coffee/tea in 7-18. Two mugs of filtered coffee are brewed for this event. Instant coffee, tea bags, milk & sugar and boiling water are available in the tea room as well as a microwave oven where you can heat up your lunch. You must provide your own cup and cutlery (which after use must be washed and stored on the rack on its allocated peg by yourself). Lunch is approximately 12:30 - 13:30. The facility is kept tidy by the club members according to the principle "If you spill, you clean". Membership fees are sorted out by Razia Visasie. (Membership is compulsory).

Telematic Learning and Education Innovation ( x 2898)

Audiovisual equipment (data projectors, overhead projectors, video machines, microphones and speakers).

Telephone code and mailbox

To prevent a possibility of unauthorised calls from your telephone a PIN code is given to every member of staff. This is available from Hannes Pretorius, 3499 at Information Technology.

In addition it is recommended that you activate your telephone mailbox as soon as possible. Please ask Ina Bornman ( 3769) to e-mail you the relevant instructions on how to get this right!

The UP list of telephone numbers is available at:

A document, in *pdf-format can also be downloaded from:

Information regarding the new telephone system can be found at