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Scopus is a great way of getting statistics about your publications. Several indexes are calculated for you, and you can compare yourself to leaders in your field.

Finding yourself

To get your stats page, search for yourself in the author search tool.

Locate your Scopus author ID near the top of the report, and make a note of it. If you are planning to add a link to your page, copy the URL (the text in the location bar of your browser looking like "")

Adding a link to your page

A link to your publications that is automatically updated whenever you publish! Once-off investment for up-to-date information. If people don't have access to Scopus, they still see your stats (although the links aren't active).

  1. Navigate to your page
  2. Click on the edit icon in the lower right corner of your page - you may need to scroll all the way down.
  3. Type "Scopus author ID:" followed by your author id somewhere on your page
  4. Select your author ID and insert a link to the URL you obtained in the previous step