Process Modelling and Control

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Quick Links

Welcome to the Process modelling and control group website. We aim to gather information that will be of interest to students completing their postgraduate course in Control Engineering, but will also interest many other people. Have a look at some of the articles/literature surveys done by members of the PMC group.

PM&C Lab

The PMC Lab page holds information about the laboratory we run on campus. You can also link through to lab admin for access to administrative functions.

  • New lab users can read this for more information about the lab and the rigs (including their documentation).
  • The set up of new computers and software is discussed here.
  • A list of the computers in the PMC labs can be found here. (under construction)

Honeywell Lab

The Honeywell lab (Engineering II room 2-44) contains 15 computers donated by Honeywell. It is used as the venue for the Process Modelling and Control group's postgraduate lectures and from time to time for other activities.

Free Software

Do you want free alternatives to Matlab, Microsoft Office or Outlook? Yes, you have the choice not to pirate all the software you need for your University work. It's called free software. You may have heard of GNU/Linux, but there is hope for people who still want to run other operating systems.

Licenced Software

The University of Pretoria has licences for Licenced Software that are mostly donated by the producing organisations.

Free Simulator

We are working on a project to produce a free dynamic simulator for quick and dirty dynamics checks and academic purposes. Here are some pertinent links:

Model Identification

Model Identification is the dominant technique for finding models for the dominant multivariable control technique MPC. The group has done significant work in this area.