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Institute Of Applied Materials and South African Research Chair in Carbon Technology and Materials Equipment List

Supplier Instrument
AMS Laboratory Technologies TA Instruments TMA Q400
AMS Laboratory Technologies (Pfeiffer: Air and Vacuum Technologies) TA Instruments Simultaneous DSC-TGA SDT Q600 fitted with Pfeiffer vacuum ThermostarTM Gas analysis system Mass Spectrometer (Up to 1500 °C)
Microsep Mettler Toledo Stare TGA/SDTA (Up to 1500 °C)
LAS (Life and Analytical Sciences) Perkin Elmer TGA 4000 interfaced with Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100S FTIR via Perkin Elmer Redshift TG-IR (Up to 1000 °C)
LAS (Life and Analytical Sciences) Perkin Elmer DMA 8000 (Up to 600 °C)
Shimadzu Shimadzu DTA 50 (Up to 1500 °C)
ALS (Advanced laboratory solutions) Anton Paar Rheometer Physica MCR301 with 600 °C furnace
SMM Leica optical microscope DM 2500 M with Cambridge ??? hot stage shear cell (up to ?? °C)
Poretech Micromeritics Accupyc II 1340 gas pycnometer
Poretech Micromeritics Geopyc 1360 Envelope and T.A.P. Density Analyser
Mixing equipment
Lenton LabPlant laboratory Spray Dryer (Model SD Basic)
UNW Twin screw TX28P 28 mm 18 L/D compounder
Dayton Ribbon Blender
Apollo Scientific cc Buehler Alpha 2 speed grinder-polisher
Jones Industrial mixer
Jones Z-Blade mixer
Silverson L4RT high shear mixer
Furnaces and ovens
Thermal Technologies INC 2 x 2800 °C Graphitising furnaces
Russet Large furnace Specify maximum temperature
Vulcan Induction Furnace Specify maximum temperature
Protea High Temperature furnace Specify maximum temperature
Protea Tube furnace horizontal Specify maximum temperature
PFE Tube furnace vertical Specify maximum temperature
Various ovens
Comminution equipment
Netzsch Netzsch LME stirred disk mill
Lenton Ball Mill
Presses and moulding equipment
???? Injection moulder (????)
A.P. Design Hydraulic Press
Beckman Centrifuge
Vertex Pressure Vessel
Vertex Hydraulic press
???? QUV weathering tester with A340 UV lamps

The following instruments are available:

  • Anton Paar 301 high temperature (600 °C) rheometer with dynamic capability and normal force measurement to determine the viscoelastic behaviour of carbon precursor materials during transformation to solid carbon. The instrument will also be used for food science and polymer research and is available for the study of colloidal and nanodispersions. It will be managed by the carbon group personnel.
  • TA Instruments DSC-TGA SDT Q600 Thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) with 1500 °C capability fitted with a Pheiffer vacuum Thermostar MS mass spectrometer for chemical analysis of volatile species and with simultaneous differential thermal analysis (DTA).
  • TA Instruments TMA Q400 Thermo-mechanical analyser (TMA) (1000 °C) for the expansion, softening and in dynamic mode rudimentary visco-elastic characterisation of materials.
  • Perkin Elmer DMA 8000 dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA) for the detailed measurement of viscoelastic behaviour of materials.
  • Micromeretics Accupyc Helium pycnometer for determination of solid density of porous materials
  • Micromeretics Geopyc pycnometer.
  • Leica optical microscope DM 2500M with Optical microscope with a Linkham CSS 450 hot stage shear cell
  • Diamond saw sample cutting and Buehler Alpha grinder polisher